Posted by: Susan E Galvan | August 18, 2010

Weddings by Unity of the Spirit

In the Motherlode (Calaveras, Amador, Tuolumne)

Your Day, Your Way

Weddings bring two lives together for a shared journey into the future that is inspired by love and empowered by mutual commitment.

Love transcends all differences, and at Unity we welcome the opportunity to join couples in matrimony who are:

  • Of different faiths or cultures
  • Blending families by remarriage
  • Spiritual but not religiously affiliated
  • Seeking a spiritual setting that is free of typical religious symbols
  • Desiring an intimate, warm, heart-centered ceremony

At Unity of the Spirit, we believe that the Presence of Love transforms ordinary experience into that which is spiritual and therefore sacred and transformational. Your wedding is a celebration and confirmation of this heart-centered union, an affirmation and consecration of the eternal bond that has brought you together to share life’s journey.

Unity of the Spirit honors the universal truths in all religions.

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